• 1. Loose Powder Brush : Loose powder brush is used to fix the makeup. The specific operation method is to take a small amount of loose dust and evenly fix the face to remove excess loose dust. Fossa nasal, the corners of the eyes, which are not easy to brush, can be finely defined with a breath of dust.
  • 2. Eyeshadow Brush: There are many different types of eye shadow brushes, which are suitable for different places. The eye shadow brush as a large point is more suitable for large-area color. The small brush suitable for the treatment of detail parts.
  • 3. foundation brush: the foundation brush is usually used to brush liquid foundation and foundation cream. Pay attention to the foundation brush to be applied evenly. Do not be thin and thick. You can also use a wet sponge to blow after using the foundation brush, which will make you look more natural.
  • 4. Blush brush: Usually the oblique mouth design, which makes it easy to feel the structure of the painting position.
  • 5. floating dust brush / residual dust brush / small fan shape: the floating dust brush looks like a fan, which can remove residual dust in the process of facial makeup, making the makeup tidier.
  • 6. Eyebrow Brush: The eyebrow brush is also designed with a flat oblique shape. Eyebrow powder is used to draw the general shape of the eyebrow, and then the eyebrow pencil is used to draw the eyebrows to make the eyebrow shape more three dimensional.
  • 7. Eyebrow Comb: The eyebrow comb is designed on both sides, and the comb face can be used to comb the shape of the eyebrow to shape the eyebrow. The comb surface can be used to clean the remaining hair and eyebrow impurities.
  • 8. Modify the brush / concealer: This brush has a small brush head, mainly in the makeup process, there are some places to deal with incorrectly, the foundation is used to conceal.
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